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Print and Go Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy

Articulation Cards Perfect for Distance Learning

SLPs - Are you suddenly having to provide all your students with home packets or even deliver services by teletherapy? These cards can be helpful in either scenario. Quick and easy to print in blackline or color, these sheets are perfect to include in home packets.

Pivoting to teletherapy? The "feed the monkey" game included in this packet is an ideal activity to engage those wiggly little guys and keep attention during your on-screen sessions. Virtual therapy doesn't have to mean digital resources. You can still use "hands-on", simple materials in an engaging way.


Cards (430 in total) are included for all sounds:

★ /s/, /l/, /z/, /ch/, /sh/, /J/, /th/, /f/, /v/, /k/, /g/, /w/, /h/, /t/, /d/, /m/, /n/, /b/, /d/ - 15 cards for each sound, 5 in each position I, M, F

★ /l/,/r/ and/s/ blends - 5 cards for each blend

★ Vocalic /r/ - 30 cards

Also included:

 Printable monkey character and bananas for a fun "feed the monkey" game! Your student gives the monkey a "treat" each time they repeat their target words correctly.


Buyers Say...

"This was a fun activity to play with my son while trying to help his speech. He graduated from EI speech program but his speech therapist suggested doing more articulation. This was fun and engaging for him and he is almost three."

"I *love* this size of card! I just bought a storage case, so I am ready to go. All these sounds fitting into one container, it is SO convenient."

"My preschooler love to "feed the monkey"!! It's a great way for them to practice their sounds. I appreciate the number of sounds and that you included all word positions."


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These cards are also included in the following money saving Value Bundles. You will find tons of materials that use the same target words in each making the transitions from one activity to the next absolutely seamless!

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